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Translator's guide

Dear native speakers! I constantly need translators for my programs.

This manual describes how to translate pbchess or coolreader to your native language.

To translate pbchess you must be familiar with the chess terminology in your native language.

Of course in reward for your effort I can give the license key for free.

Get Qt linguist

You need qt linguist software to edit translations. You can download it HERE. Just unzip and start linguist.exe file.

Get *.ts file for translation

  1. Just download a zip file
  2. Open file you want to translate with linguist (eg. pbchess/German.ts, coolreader/Bulgarian.ts)

If there is no file for your language, just contact me and I'll make it.

Translate ...

Qt linguist shows which phrases are translated and which are not. Just translate the phrases which are not translated.

Don't forger to save *.ts file after you finish translation.

Send me the resulting *.ts file

Please send me the result.

Compile the *.ts file

To use translation you should compile your resulting *.ts file (eg. German.ts) to *.qm file:

  lrelease German.ts

lrelease is a command-line tool that produces the binary *.qm file from our source *.ts file.

Copy your *.qm file to the right place

To see your work results you should copy your *.qm file to the right place.

CoolReader for Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook

Copy your *.qm file to vlasovsoft/cr3/i18n

pbchess for Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook

Copy your *.qm file to vlasovsoft/pbchess/i18n

pbchess for Android

Copy your *.qm file to SD/.pbchess/i18n

pbchess for Windows

Copy your *.qm file to Program Files/pbchess/i18n or Program Files (x86)/pbchess/i18n

pbchess for Linux

Copy your *.qm file to /opt/pbchess/i18n

Get the license key as reward for your work

After you've translated pbchess to your language and sent *.ts file to the autor, you can ask the license key for pbchess. Please submit the following form for that.

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