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Installation manual

Technical support

You can ask for the technical support and report problems at our forum. Please take in mind that you very first post/topic should be approved by me (to prevent spam). Usually my answers don't take a lot of time.


General information

  1. Save somewhere your cdb and pgn files and your license key if you intent to delete the previous version.
  2. After installation add your license key (if you have one). Key is now inserted in the program: Menu / Settings / Registration. You must enter the first 10 characters of your existing 32-character key.
  3. You can also add you bases from the previous program installation.


You can install Android version from the Google Play (“chess - tactics and strategy” application).

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

You can install iOS version from the AppStore (“chess - tactics and strategy” application).


You can install Mac version from the AppStore (“chess - tactics and strategy” application).


  1. download installation exe-file
  2. run it


For the Linux version you should know what Linux are you using (32 or 64 bit) and download right archive.
  1. Download deb package
  2. Install it using gdebi-gtk


  1. Depending on you reader and firmware version you should download either zip archive for “older models” or zip archive for “newer models”.
  2. Unpack zip archive
  3. Copy the vlasovsoft directory to flash root.
  4. Copy the from applications into the same folder of your pocketbook (flash root/applications).
  5. Safely unplug the USB cable.
  6. Go to applications menu of your pocketbook and start the “Launcher” application.
Pocket Book 622 (Touch) If you don't see the “Launcher” application in your applications, try to remove the “User Applications” file in the “applications” folder.

Amazon Kindle

Supported models: Touch, PaperWhite, Voyage. Jailbreak is required!

You must install KUAL first.

Common actions

  1. Install KUAL if not installed.
  2. Unpack the archive.
  3. Copy the vlasovsoft folder into flash root.
  4. Copy the extensions folder into flash root.
  5. Safely disconnect your kindle from PC.


Supported models: Kobo Glo and later

Step 1 - connect Kobo to PC via USB

Step 2 - prohibit indexation of hidden folders

This set of programs is installed in the .adds folder. But recently Kobo began indexing hidden folders (with a dot at the beginning of the name). This means that the Kobo bookshelf will be clogged with images and icons from inside .adds/vlasovsoft. Turn off indexation of hidden folders:

  1. Locate the .kobo/Kobo/Kobo eReader.conf file
  2. Open it in a text editor
  3. Add 2 lines to the end of this file:

(if this file has no such a section)

Step 3 - install starter

Install NickelMenu or KFMon (up to you). I prefer the NickelMenu because it probably will survive the next firmware update.

Step 4 - install software

  1. Download the latest version here
  2. Copy the contents of the archive (.adds, vlasovsoft.png) to the root of the internal memory of your Kobo

Step 5 - safely disconnect Kobo from PC

Step 6 - launch applications!

  • If you've installed NickelMenu, use standard Kobo menu in the left-top corner of the screen. There will be “Vlasovsoft” option.
  • If you've installed KFMon, use the “rocket” icon:

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