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Collection of programs for Kobo, Kindle and PocketBook

Recently the collection includes the following programs:

  1. * Chess - tactics and strategy - advanced chess training program
  2. Cool Reader - advanced reader for the books in epub, mobi, fb2, etc formats.
  3. FileManager - simple file manager to work with files and folders
  4. OPDS - loading books from online OPDS catalogs (Flibusta, CoolLib, LibRusEc etc)
  5. * Dropbox - tool for files synchronization with Dropbox
  6. * Checkers - Russian and English checkers
  7. * Sokoban - Sokoban game
  8. * Reversi - Othello game
  9. * Gomoku - Gomoku game
  10. Sudoku - Sudoku game
  11. Dictionary - Dictionary application (supports StarDict format)
  12. Notepad - simple notepad
  13. Calculator - simple calculator
  14. Konsole - something like terminal for typing linux commands and see their results
  15. WiFiServer - allows to connect to your eReader via WiFi using SSH and SFTP protocols
  16. Upgrade - utility for upgrading to the latest build (or latest test build) via WiFi or manually

* - the programs marked with star require license (see below). They work in demo mode.

Downloading and installation

You can find the installation instruction HERE.

Registration (purchase of the license)

The single license is bought for all the programs at once. Please read HERE.

Source codes

Sources are available for some programs from this collection at

All the sources are always UP TO DATE because I work with them directly.

Help the project!

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