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Dropbox client for Kindle, Kobo and PocketBook

This program usus Dropbox API v2.

Program is still in testing. Please use it with care!
This program requires the license.
Please don't remove the file dropbox.cache !

How it works

Synchronization works in both sides. After adding/removing a file or a folder locally it will be added/removed on Dropbox side and vice versa. But unlike the classic dropbox client modified files are not synchronized.

Connection and authorization

Authorization is performed only once. The token file vlasovsoft/dropbox/token.txt is created for further access. You can copy this file on other devices (it you have second book). This token and other settings are kept across updations if you update my programs correctly.

  1. Connect your reader to PC via USB.
  2. Open in your browser THIS LINK.
  3. It the authorization is success, the token.txt file will be downloaded to your PC.
  4. Copy this file to the vlasovsoft/dropbox folder on your reader.
  5. Safely disconnect your reader from PC.
  6. From this moment your dropbox client is authorized and ready for use.


The following settings are available:

  1. Download path - path on your local storage where files will be downloaded.
  2. Dropbox folders - the list of your Dropbox folders to synchronize (comma separated).
  3. Show SSL errors - for more detailed errors description.

The “Download path” and “Dropbox folders” are important and should be configured correctly.


For debugging:

  1. In the launcher settings set Logging = Debug
  2. After exit from Dropbox client please send problem description and vlasovsoft/dropbox/dropbox.log.txt file to developer.
  3. In the launcher settings set Logging = Off

Important note

Please take into account that:

For Windows and MAC file names are not case-sensitive. (you can't create File.txt and file.txt)

For Linux (eink readers) file names are case-sensitive (you can create File.txt and file.txt)

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