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CoolReader for Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook

This port of CoolReader is made for the touch and non-touch devices. It initially was based on the version of Craizy Coder but was substantially modified later.

The program works with:

  • Kobo Touch, Glo, Mini, Aura, Aura HD, Aura One
  • Kindle 3(Keyboard), Kindle 4(2012/2013), Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite 2013, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Basic 2014, Kindle Basic 2
  • PocketBook Touch 622, 623, 603, 612, 903, 912 and newer


My port of CoolReader is available under GNU General Public License version 2.0. You can download the latest CR sources HERE and latest CR engine sources HERE


Ken Maltby A lot of help
Mike76 Hungarian translation
paola Italian translation
trekk German translation
jlynton A lot of help
dancho Bulgarian translation
aceflor French translation

… and many others from mobileread …

Help to project (donation)

You can help CoolReader (and other my programs) to get better.

Donate in USD:

Donate in EUR:


  1. Kobo forum
  2. Kindle forum
  3. PocketBook (RUSSIAN) russian forum
  4. Suggestions, ideas and problems to describe (RUSSIAN) reformal


  1. Download the latest version of the program for: Kobo or Kindle
  2. Follow the instructions for your book.

Main menu is called by the short tap on the upper area of ​​the screen.

Setting tap-zones and swipes

CoolReader has 9 programmable tap zones (for short and long tap) + 4 programmable swipes. All this can be configured : MENU/Settings/Control.

Working with dictionary

Starting from version, CoolReader has built-in dictionary.

To use dictionary you need:

  1. download user dictionaries in the StarDict format. For instance there
  2. unpack the archive(s)
  3. copy *, *.idx, *.ifo files into “vlasovsoft/dictionary” of your eReader

Tu turn dictionary on during reading use MENU/Dictionary. The empty window will appear. Next, you can click upon the word you want to translate.

Additional buttons of the dictionary window:

  • Up (down) arrow is needed to move the dictionary window if it overlapes the text you want to read;
  • Left and right buttons can be used for navigation (page up and page down) in the dictionary mode.

You can scroll the dictionary contents using gestures: lefy, right, up, down.

Adding user fonts

User fonts (*.ttf - files) can be added to vlasovsoft/fonts folder of your book. For Kobo you can also add your fonts to FLASH ROOT/fonts (create this folder if it doesn't exist). In this case your fonts will be also available for Kobo's standard reading program.

User interface fonts, font sizes, etc

User interface elements tweaks (fonts, font sizes, etc) can be done through editing of eink.qss file. See more details here.

cr3.ini options (tweaks)


  1. After manual changing the parameters in the file cr3.ini some books (e.g. Kobo Aura HD) should be restarted.
  2. The described parameters are initially absent in cr3.ini. You should add them in the form parameter=value if you want to change something.


How can I update CR for Kobo/Kindle to the newer version?

Update steps:

  • Connect your reader to PC
  • Rename vlasovsoft to vlasovsoft.bak and do not remove vlasovsoft.bak while you make sure that new version works correct.
  • Run the new version and make sure that it works.
  • Run “Upgrade” launcher option to copy all your settings from vlasovsoft.bak to vlasovsoft.
  • Rollback to the old version if the new version doesn't work or have critical bug(s).
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