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Handy utility for those who have WiFi and don't like to mess with USB cable.

Main features:

  • Uses SSH (console) and SFTP (files transfer) protocols
  • WiFi is active while this app is running
  • No sleep/suspend while this app is running
  • This app displays your ebook reader IP address for connection

Download any SFTP-client (e.g. WinSCP for Windows) and forget about USB (till the next charging of cause).

Setting the password

Probably you have to set (or change) the root password. You can't connect via SFTP if root password is not set. It's easy to change it:

  1. Run Konsole application
  2. Type the passwd command
  3. Enter the new password
  4. Enter this password once again

If the password is not secure enough then you can see warning. It's not fatal.

Connection via SFTP

You should use the following parameters for connection:

  1. host: IP address that displays this program
  2. user: root
  3. password: the password you assigned (see above)
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