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Utility for upgrading to the latest build (or latest test build) via WiFi or manually. Also allows to find out current package version.


Allow test builds

If you are interested in always fresh builds (even not tested) then set this checkbox.


The vlasovsoft/upgrade/blacklist.txt file contains the list of files and folders what should not be updated. For instance you've your own eink.qss and don't want to update it. Just add the “eink.qss” line into blacklist.txt.

Example of blacklist.txt:


The file vlasovsoft/upgrade/blacklist.txt is absent by default. Just create it if necessary.

Manual update (old method)

The old update method (with renaming vlasovsoft into vlasovsoft.bak) still works in the recent versions. You can use it if you wish.

Manual update

Use this method if you have no WiFi connection. Use “Update via WiFi” otherwise.

  1. Download the new version for your reader (eg
  2. Put the zip-archive near (at the same level) with vlasovsoft folder on your reader.
  3. Start Upgrade utility.
  4. This program will find the zip-archive, extract and install it.
  5. Close the Upgrade utility. The launcher will be also closed.
  6. Upgrade is done!

Upgrade wia WiFi

  1. Start the Upgrade utility.
  2. It will connect WiFi, find the latest version, download and install it.
  3. Close the Upgrade utility. The launcher will be also closed.
  4. Upgrade is done!


After upgrade is finished the old version is not removed. You always can rollback to it if something is wrong with the new version.

Suppose you had the 2017.10.24 version. It will be stored into vlasovsoft_2017.10.24_bak.

To rollback to this version you should:

  1. Remove the current version (vlasovsoft folder)
  2. Rename vlasovsoft_2017.10.24_bak to vlasovsoft
Do not forget from time to time to clean the old versions!
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